Eye Suriyanon

Thai-born, Glasgow based artist, cultural worker and location sound freelancer.

Conjuring future voices for sentient mechnical beings based on Buddhist Philosophy, Spectre and the in-between through Moving Image, Machine Learning & Spatial Audio.

Previously, focused on activating deep listening for the inattentive, using sound to interrogate authorative and spatial power structure.



In Rage, residency

Sonic Diary

text with video (01:07)

listening in three parts

warm up your hands by rubbing them together

use the palm of your hands

place them over your ears

press them together





S       l      o     w     l    y       r    e   l  e  a s e

your hands

Pick a sound

Follow it

u n t i l

the end.


           Sonic Diary (2020) is a compilation piece derived from an on-going project by utilising instagram as a platform to capture and deliver immediate sonic-orientated experience. The work is presented alongside a text score, listening in three parts, the piece acts as a warm-up listening exercise that builds upon engagement?
Created by Eye Suriyanon, 2023 on Cargo Collective