Eye Suriyanon

R&D: Making a GhostA year long (April 2022 - April 2023) project funded by Creative Scotland’s Open Fund is made up of two parts.

Part I
The research and development of the use of Machine Learning and Spatial Audio in Ghost in The Stream: What if Our Machine Could Scream?  

This part is divided into three stages; skill building, experimenting and consolidating.

For the skill building stage, I will be committing to the Google Developer’s Machine Learning Crash Course to gain a better understanding of the concept behind the programme and adjust it to fit the work. On top of that, I will be attending UAL’s Creative Coding short course in June to learn JavaScript and Processing - to improve the quality and the delivery of visual components of the work.

Both the experimenting and consolidating phase will be documented online in a blog format.

Part II
The part will be focusing on the professional development aspect of my studio practice. I will be attending UAL’s ‘How to Promote And Fund Your Work Online’ lead by Sophie Lucas, the short course covers studio management, building connection with galleries, selling your work and create a sustainable income from your studio practice.

All notes from these courses will be made avaliable online and free for access to the public who are interested in developing similar projects and career trajectory.  

Upcoming: CCA Creative Lab Residency

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