Eye Suriyanon

Residency: In Rage

We are Superflouous, arebyte studio, March - May 2022

Dinner of Rageful Desire, April 2022

In Rage is a collaborative residency with Eva Dimitrakopoulou and Krystle Patel facilitated by We Are Superfluous, London-based and artist-led space at arebyte.

The six weeks long residency focused on open process, collaboration and experimentation, exploring rage both as content and as a tool.
Defining ‘existential rage’ requires a gentle and ever changing touch; repositioning oneself over and over. The artists in residents will think and work through this strange non-space; the gap between the bed and the wall. The raw, naked, adrenaline-fueled, unmitigatable fury that pushes us to euphoric heights and unspeakable lows.
Does it sedate us? Or does it enable us to act?

Text by We Are Superfluous

A gathering of consumables and participants
DAW: REAPER, Ableton
Quadrophic set up
Audio sample: text-to-sound made using Max 8, SampleRNN

Dinner of Rageful Desire - a gathering of participants with consumables and sound
Dinner of Rageful Desire, April 2022

Upcoming: CCA Creative Lab Residency

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