Eye Suriyanon

Thai-born, Glasgow based artist, cultural worker and location sound freelancer.

Conjuring future voices for sentient mechnical beings based on Buddhist Philosophy, Spectre and the in-between through Moving Image, Machine Learning & Spatial Audio.

Previously, focused on activating deep listening for the inattentive, using sound to interrogate authorative and spatial power structure.



In Rage, residency

Ghost in The Stream

What if Our Machines could Scream?
video with binaural sound (08:33)

     Ghost in The Stream: What if Our Machines could Scream (2021) is a binaural soundscape with AI-generated images exploring the possibility of an expressive voice for digital beings. The piece using machine learning applications to investigate how the collective voice can be used to negotiate systems of dominance and whether the emancipated listener reluctance to attend to these voices can be bypass. 

Visuals were created by Runway ML, trained on screenshots of livestreamed videos. Visual effects created in Max 8 using customed patch based on findbound object. Edited in Premier Pro.

Audio samples were from RGB vaules converted into MIDI using Max 8. Arranged & instrumental effects in Ableton. Edited, spatialised & mastered in REAPER using plugins from IEM, Blue Ripple Sound and Anaglyph.

Created by Eye Suriyanon, 2023 on Cargo Collective